08 May 2023 Adelaide, AUSTRALIA UtillixAR Limited is pleased to announce that it has power PROVAC in the Gold Coast project. This new agreement builds on the strong relationship between the two companies, significantly increases revenue from the UtillixAR partner program, and provides additional revenue growth opportunities. This new agreement involves PROVAC purchasing from UtillixAR a fixed number of tailored UtillixAR licences and for PROVAC to purchase additional licences above the fixed amount during the term of the agreement.

The construction industry has come a long way in terms of safety and efficiency, but one of the biggest challenges faced by contractors remains to locate underground utilities before excavation. With the risk of damaging pipes, cables, and other infrastructure, this task requires meticulous planning and precision to ensure the safety of the workforce and the general public.

Fortunately, new technologies are emerging that can make this process much easier and safer. One such technology is UtillixAR, an augmented reality and digitized mapping solution that provides contractors with real-time visibility of underground utilities.

Recently, UtillixAR was utilized in a project undertaken by PROVAC Australia in the Gold Coast area. PROVAC is a company that specializes in hydro vacuum excavation and provides assistance in locating underground services prior to digging. In the Gold Coast project, PROVAC worked with UtillixAR to enhance their excavation processes and provide their workforce with better visibility of underground utilities.

The project involved the construction of a new commercial building in a busy area with high foot traffic. With multiple utility services running underground in the area, PROVAC had to exercise extreme caution to avoid any damage to infrastructure. By using UtillixAR, the company was able to get a clear view of the underground utilities and plan their excavation activities more effectively.

The benefits of using UtillixAR in this project were many. First and foremost, it significantly reduced the risk of damaging underground infrastructure. With real-time information about the location of pipes and cables, PROVAC was able to take necessary precautions and avoid accidents during excavation.

Additionally, UtillixAR helped streamline the excavation process, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced downtime. The solution allowed the workforce to quickly and accurately identify the location of underground utilities, minimizing the need for time-consuming manual inspections.

Moreover, UtillixAR provided a more comprehensive understanding of the site. The digitized mapping solution allowed the team to gain a clearer picture of the underground infrastructure, enabling them to plan and execute excavation activities with greater precision.

UtillixAR power PROVAC project in the Gold Coast is an excellent example of how technology can revolutionize the construction industry. By providing real-time visibility of underground utilities, UtillixAR has made excavation activities safer, more efficient, and more accurate. With the potential to save time, money, and lives, this technology is set to become a game-changer for contractors across the globe.

About UtillixAR

UtillixAR is a cutting-edge technology that is transforming the way the construction industry operates. This augmented reality and digitized mapping solution provides real-time visibility of underground utilities, making invisible information visible to the workforce. By using UtillixAR, contractors can plan excavation activities with greater precision, reducing the risk of accidents and damage to underground infrastructure. With the potential to save time, money, and lives, UtillixAR is set to become an essential tool for contractors around the world.

About Provac

Provac Australia Pty Ltd was founded with a vision of preventing damage to underground services. We believe this truly contributes to safe and economically feasible outcomes which benefit companies, governmental agencies, contractors, homeowners and the communities we serve. This is why we offer solutions to hydro excavation and prevent damage to any underground service safely. Our business has been built based on providing the best service with strong ethics, and we have earned a reputation for consistently delivering quality underground location and hydro vacuum excavation services. Our entire team is guided by strong core values that embrace SafetyQualityValue and Integrity. Our policies and procedures guide us through our everyday practices and all of our services offered at Provac.