Augmented reality GIS

What we do?


Utillix AR lets you view maps on your mobile device. It obtains the relevant maps for your project where available, and provides you with a single-source-of-truth underground utility plan. Mapped onto Google Maps, Utillix AR provides colour-coded utility identification.


Onsite photo and video recording. All providers / workers / crew visibility of utility location and status in real time.


Onsite project information and full worksite documentation can be shared and accessed through the Utillix AR app on registered mobiles, tablets and laptops.

Gathers geospatial data from a single or multiple GIS database

Gas monitoring and sewer manholes in Covid 19 locations

Gathers geospatial data from a single or multiple GIS database

Gathers geospatial data from a single or multiple GIS database

Gathers geospatial data from a single or multiple GIS database

Augmented Reality in Action

How does using Utillix AR increase efficiency and reduce costs for Asset Owners and Contractors?

Improves user efficiency

Improves data quality

Reduces administrative overheads

With augmented reality Utillix AR enables a project team to produce accurate environment and risk management plans for a safer construction delivery program.

Staff who use Utillix AR are equipped with more than just a GIS or data collection application. With augmented reality, Utillix enables less experienced staff to be more aware of the environment they’re working in.

Utillix AR is being used by a variety of organisations and industries:


Construction Industry

Emergency Management Councils

Why Utillix AR?


Reduces the risk to workers and utilities by enabling visibility and risk management control.


Provides real-time mobile augmented and digital maps and documentation, online and offline.

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with tightening health and safety laws.

Augmented Reality

Provides accurate, easy to view augmented location of services. Accurate survey information can be uploaded and viewed within the workforce for current or future projects.

Multi Data Services

Displays ‘published’ data from multiple sources; CAD / BIM, GIS, Utilities (Dial Before You Dig), local councils.

Offline Capability

Available online and offline, so data is always available.


Enables permitted access only to confidential information.

Centralised Information

Enables businesses to easily digitise and manage their documents in a central and secure location.

Utility Strikes

Delivers better utility strike prevention.


Easy sharing via mobile devices of information including photos, images, pindrop information and documentation.

Reduced Costs

Increases operational cost savings with reduced risk to utility strikes & streamlined workflows. Safely share information between change of shifts or crew members.


Access to project documentation and maps.

Data Quality

Elimination of transcription errors and positional accuracy. Direct field to database update with no back-office transcription.

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Utillix AR is a mobile, infrastructure mapping and project management platform specifically designed to provide productivity & safety solutions for organisations involved in underground infrastructure including telecommunications & construction.

Utillix AR Decapitalise Provides

Multi-platform native application

Enhanced security

Scalable licensing

Flexible control over your data

Compatibility with multiple GIS servers

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